Thursday, November 4, 2010


" Don't beg me coz you're not a BEGGAR~ "

i dont do this begging thing, not that ur eyes cn see. but deep in my heart, and i suppose evry1 too, they are all asking (begging) others to really care about them, too really love them.

" Don't wait for me coz I don't have a waiting list~ "

in other words, you are telling me to go away. CORRECT me if i'm wrong. but i believe its too late now. i'm going now and i'm happy for you. i'm happy for you if you think this is the right thing for you and for me.

" Don't come for as you are LOWER, you won' have me as your SUPERIOR~ "

i'm here, down low. i never want you to be my superior. i just need you to guide me. it just you who keep telling yourself that YOU WANT TO FEEL ON TOP OF THE WORLD, to be a superior. if that's what you really want, now you're getting it from her. and for that, I am happy for you.

" Come and earn me as EQUAL~ "

EQUAL = FAIR.... never ending story huh? we can never be EQUAL= SAME. why you never realise this? its ok. i am really happy for you and her. i will definitely pray for both of you to have a happy ending. Aminnnnn~~

" Won't have you if I still look down on you, COZ I'M AFRAID OF YOU~~~ "

THANK YOU, after more than 3years, now finally you say it. THANK YOU...

***** i am dying. i really am. but the other part of me, i am relieved. I AM. ;D

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


lalalalala.. dudududuu...

was reading, and came across these interesting lines....

SHARING IS CARING, aite??? hehe..

Don't cry for a guy, let a cry guy for you, because girl give and forgive but guys get and forget~

i wish for this 1 to be SO TRUE. haha.. yet we cant really apply this in every relationship aite?? LOL

No one falls in love by choice, it is by CHANCE. No one stays in love by chance, it is by WORK. And no one falls out of love by chance, it is by CHOICE.

SO TRUE. 100% agree with this 1. hehe.... CHOICE. so peeps, MAKE UP UR MIND!!! ;p

tats all for now~

Friday, October 15, 2010

... DANCE ....

ouh my GUCCI!!!

i don't dance already, pity me. **sobs**
i miss it.
well i'm getting fatter and heavier everyday~~~
ouh, my balance, getting worse i think.
i need that STEPS. huhuhu

ouh, watch this guys!!! i can only feel satisfied in dancing thingy when i can do something like this???? thehehehehehe... AMAZING~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

.. OCTOBER 2010 ..


been HIDING for a longgggggggggggggggg time. hehe

no la... busy with Raya, job hunting n etc....

so... what to update?? urm.. i got job already. which the job is SO OUT OF MY FIELD.
but i kinda like it. well, new thing, need to learn, AGAIN....


my wish and mode at the moment???
1>> i wish i can go out for a walk/jog
2>> i wish i can dance all nyte long
3>> i wish i can be more FIT and HEALTHY and LUCKY. thehehe
4>> i wish i will never gona regret my decision in doing this banking thingy.

so... wat else?? please, dont ask anything about love and boyfriend. huhu.
>>> reminding my ownself. grrrrrrrrr

:: cant wait for my very 1st salary!!! ::

Friday, September 3, 2010


yup2, done my theory exam just now...
100 MCQ in 1 and a half hour..
urm,,, it was OKAY laa... not too hard yet not too easy. heh
i'm relieved.

went to DEMC to meet our physios there.
ouh myyy.. the new hospital is AWESOME!!!!!
and all of them LOSE WEIGHT. like, A LOT!!!
i miss them like soverydamnMUCH!!!! hehe
talk a lot, share a lot. will miss all the moments.

Madam Zu, Miss V, Miss Ira, En. Suhaib, THANK YOU so much for all the help, the guidances, the support, the spirit in loving our profession. I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER ALL OF U.
thank you~

then went to Plaza Alam Sentral.
BAJU RAYA!!! weeeee... tons of it!! gonna buy it maybe tomorrow??? InsyaAllah~~
went for karaoke too. hehe. crazy~
suppose to accompany ratna's sis in concorde for buka puasa, but buka puasa with her guy n her friends instead.

what a sweet coincidence, we're going to the same restaurant where our other classmates will buka puasa. haha
too late to jon the party so stick to the plan, buka puasa with ratna's guy and friends~

a hectic day, yet I had fun. ;)

UNISELIANS, i heart every each 1 of u. thanks for the memories~
SHAH ALAM, will I be to ur city again after this??? hmmmhhhh

Thursday, September 2, 2010

aku PELIK~

aku PELIK dengan manusia yang SAMPAI HATI.
aku PELIK dengan manusia yang BANGGA & RIAK dengan pengalaman yang tiada ERTI yang PASTI.
aku PELIK dengan manusia yang sanggup BERSENGKANG MATA untuk 'berbincang' hampir SETIAP HARI.
aku PELIK dengan manusia yang BAGUS tapi selalu lupa untuk MUHASABAH diri sendiri.

1>> lau kne batang idong ko?? AGAK2LA sikit**
2>> 1 je komen aku, BASI! **
3>> if ada faedah, xpe. bikin KAYA, xpe. siyes~~**
4>> riak itu tidak bagusss~~~**

aku ni hanye mengejar kejayaan, kebahagiaan dan kesejahteraan hidup.
kadang aku terKHILAF juge.



hype!! a long time huh??? i mean, since the last time i'm blogging. LOL
really10000 busy. with clinical training~~

ouh.. i have COMPLETE my 30weeks of training!!!
and just did my practical exam yesterday.
guess what??? MERDEKA means A LOT to me now. heheh

hows the practical exam???
went OKAY la.. **can't bluff laaaa.. show off

my feeling at the moment??? a bit relief~
yet have reports, logbooks and case studies to work on.
when i settle all 3, HEAD OVER HILL!!!!

so, do pray for me ya i really do appreciate it. SO MUCH!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

...figure & shape...

NADIA >> awak, swimming bgos untuk figure kite ea??? ** u,is swimming is good for our figure??**
LAWI >> yela, ape saye x penah bgtau awak sblom ni? ** yea, like I never told U before?**

NADIA >> then how do u explain the whales??? ;p

LAWI >> they were built in that figure.

NADIA >> so I must be in shape la???

LAWI >> every human should la.thats y ade fitness class and gyms.

NADIA >> ok2, ROUND is a shape too, kan???

LAWI >> yup.. usually it refers to muscles n not lipid fat tho..

NADIA >> ("-.-) =.=!!